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Want to experience Free Fall from jump 2? 

With an AFF education, after only 8 jumps (1 static line and 7 AFF jumps), you can jump solo from 4,000 meters.

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"AFF is an abbreviation for Accelerated Free Fall. With AFF training, you jump straight into all the excitement of the sport, as it allows you to jump solo from 4,000 meters starting from your second jump! A jump from 4,000 meters is the typical maximum altitude in Denmark and provides a freefall time of approximately 45-60 seconds. However, you are not alone, as two trained AFF instructors accompany you. They literally hold onto you all the way down until it's time for you to deploy your parachute!"

The first step of the training is a solo course where you receive all the necessary theory and practice to start as a skydiver. The first jump is a static line jump from 1,000 meters altitude, where the parachute is automatically deployed by this line.

Before the first jump, you receive theory and practice on the ground with your two AFF instructors, covering everything that the jump entails, until both you and the instructors feel comfortable with it. The AFF training is structured in levels (1-8), where each level teaches you new skills and improves upon what you have already practiced. In short, it gradually builds upon general skills ranging from maintaining stability in the air when deploying your parachute to performing loops in the air.

The specific skills and requirements to pass each level are predetermined. You will have two AFF instructors with you during the jump until you pass Level 3. From Level 4 to 7, you will have one AFF instructor with you, and on Level 8, you will be ready to jump solo.

Throughout the training, your AFF instructors will go through each jump with you beforehand and provide feedback afterward. And don't worry, in the beginning, there will also be an instructor on the ground who will communicate with you via radio until you have learned to fly the parachute and land safely on your own.

In the AFF training, you will receive instruction in both freefall techniques, equipment handling, and canopy control.

*A few things can influence whether it is possible to go through with the jump. Read more about that under 'Condition for Solo skydiving' further down on this page.



Level 1-3

  • Theory prior to jump
  • Practice before jumps
  • 2 Instructors
  • Freefall and deploying the parachute yourself
  • Jump from 4.000 meters

Pr. level – 1200,- 


Level 4-7

  • Theory prior to jump
  • Practice before jumps
  • 1 instructor
  • Freefall and deploying the parachute yourself
  • Jump from 4.000 meters

Pr. level – 850,- 


Pakke – Level 1-7

  • 7 jumps package
  • 30-45 seconds free fall on EACH jump
  • Instructors on all jumps
  • Jump from 4.000 meter
  • Theory and practice prior to all jumps

All - 6.000,-

The prerequisites for participating in AFF (Accelerated Free Fall) are:

*A few things can have an influence on whether it is possible to go through with the solo jump or not.

  • You have to be at least 16 years old. If you are under 18 you would need a parents or guardians signature for you to jump
  • You need to be able to use both legs and both arms 100%
  • You may not suffer from epilepsy or tendency to faint
  • If you have diabetes or similar illnesses you must be able to provide at medical certificate saying you are fit to jump
  • You can not weigh more than 110kg.
  • Du skal have gennemgået et solospring.

If you are younger than 16 years old, you can still do a tandem skydive.

Your first AFF

Our skilled instructors will guide you through both practical and theoretical exercises to ensure that you are fully prepared for your first AFF jump. There is also an option to purchase a jump package that includes all seven jumps. 

Hos Faldskærmsklubben West Jump tilbyder vi både staticline uddannelsen (Læs mere her – solospring) og så tilbyder vi også Accelereret Frit Fald spring.

We offer a jump package containing:

  • 7 jumps for only 6.000,- - saving 2.000,-

In our calendar you can see when we jump. 

So how does a AFF jump work?

Preparation before the jump:

Prior to each AFF level, you will receive thorough instruction and practical exercises from our trained AFF instructors. You will go through every second of the jump and learn how to handle each aspect. 

The jump itself.:

On levels 1-3, you will jump with two specially trained instructors from 4,000 meters altitude. A specific program has been designed for you to follow during these levels. The instructors will hold onto you at the beginning, and gradually, you will be allowed to become more and more independent. 

On levels 4-7, you will now jump with only one instructor, while still following a specific program that will be reviewed and practiced with you on the ground beforehand. 

Der er egentligt 8 levels, men kun de 7 springed sammen med instruktører. De forskellige levels ser således ud:

Level 1: 3x Dummy pulls

Level 2: 2x dummy pulls, forward flying, 2x 90 degree turns

Level 3: 1x dummy pull and solo flying

Level 4: Forward flying and 2x 90 degree turns

Level 5: Forward flying and 2x 360 turns

Level 6:  2x Backloops and tracking

Level 7: 1x backloop, 2x 360 turns and tracking

Level 8: Stabel exit from 1500 meters and pull after 5 seconds.

The road to a skydiving certificate

Your first solo jump is the first step towards a certificate! To get a certificate you need at least 40 jumps and on these 40 jumps there will be several exercises and tests you need to do, mestrer at springe på egen hånd. Teori og lån af udstyr er inkluderet i springprisen, så længe du er elev. Der er forskellige måder at komme videre i faldskærmssporten, enten staticline uddannelsen eller AFF uddannelsen. Dette kan du læse mere om her på vores hjemmeside, eller ringe il +45 50302063. HAfter this, a whole new world of possibilities and options appear! It will be possible for you to travel around the world with your license and try jumping in different cool locations!


When signing up for a jump at West Jump you will automatically be a member of DFU. Through DFU you will have the mandatory 3rd person insurance which only covers damages on things and other people. It DOES NOT cover damages to yourself! - If you wish more information about you are covered, please get in contact with your insurance company! They will usually have something covering dangerous sports..