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Dare to take the jump?

Want to jump out of a plane and dare to do it solo? - If yes, then you found the right place! - Despite what many might think, you do not need to take a tandem jump first. We offer you 2 jumps in the package!

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If the dates does not fit, please contact us and we will try and find a solution!

Hos Faldskærmsklubben West Jump kan du nemt og sikkert lære at springe ud af et fly og selv styre faldskærmen i luften. Vi tilbyder både staticline uddannelsen og AFF uddannelse. Staticline uddannelsen går i sin helhed går ud på, at du, fra første spring, springer alene af af flyveren fra 1000 meters højde. Du sidder koblet sammen med flyveren med en staticline. Det er en line, som sørger for at trække faldskærmen for dig, så dit fokus kan være på andre vigtige ting AFF uddannelsen går ud på at du sammen med 2 instruktører springer ud fra 4000 meters højde og opnår 30-45 sekunders fritfald hvorefter du selv trækker skærmen. 

A solo course is the easiest way into the skydiving environment and is also a prerequisite in order to gain a certificate. When you have your certificate, you can move on to jumping with others, by your own gear and enjoy even more cool aspects of skydiving!

After your 1. jump and as long as you are a student, all education and rent of equipment is free. We are educating after Dansk Faldskærm Unions rules which is approved by The Danish Transport Authority. 

We normally teach on Friday nights so you are ready to jump Saturday morning if the weather allows it!

*A few things can influence whether it is possible to go through with the jump. Read more about that under 'Condition for Solo skydiving' further down on this page.

Book solocourse

Solo course

Incl. 2 Jumps

  • Theory
  • Gound practice
  • First jump!
  • Possibility for more jumps!
  • Incl. first pack job



5 jump package

  • 5 Jumps
  • Possibility for more jumps!
  • *Only possible to buy within your first 5 jumps!
  • Without packing



10 jumps package

  • 10 jumps package
  • High possibility of first free fall!
  • *Only possible to buy within your first 5 jumps!
  • Without packing



Conditions for solo skydiving

*A few things can have an influence on whether it is possible to go through with the solo jump or not.

  • You have to be at least 16 years old. If you are under 18 you would need a parents or guardians signature for you to jump
  • You need to be able to use both legs and both arms 100%
  • You may not suffer from epilepsy or tendency to faint
  • If you have diabetes or similar illnesses you must be able to provide at medical certificate saying you are fit to jump
  • You can not weigh more than 110kg.

If you are younger than 16 years old, you can still do a tandem skydive.

Your first solo jump

Our talented instructor will go through theory and a lot of practice on the ground so you are fully equipped to take the jump on your own. It is possible to buy a jump package after first jump as well!

At West Jump you can easily and safely learn to jump out of plane and safely steer the parachute and yourself back to the ground. We offer staticline jumps where you jump out the plane solo from a 1000 meters. A line is attached from your parachute to the plane, which makes sure to pull the parachute for you when are 3 meters away from the plane so you can focus on other important things.

We offer 2 different solo jump packages after you first 2 jumps:

  • 5 spring for kun 900,-  (10% rabat)
  • 10 spring for kun 1700,- (15% rabat)

In our calendar you can see when our next solo course is.

If none of the dates fits, feel free to contact us, then we will see what we can do. 

So how does it work?

Preparation before the jump:

We start out with 4 hours of theory and practical exercises. You learn how to climb out of the plane and make a stable exit from it. You will also learn how to fly the parachute, about the weather, safety and how to land the parachute. The most important thing is of course the safety! You will be tought by experienced instructors and we use standard educating materials, which is similar to the ones other DFU (Danish parachute association) clubs are using. This has been made and authorized by DFU We normally teach Friday night and jump Saturday or Sunday, weather permitting. It is possible to stay the night at our club house, we have a nice cottage. Alle you need to bring is toothbrush and a sleeping bag or similar.

The jump itself.:

On the day of the jump, you will get a helmet, jump suit, altimeter, glasses and a parachute. Once geared up our instructor will check all the gear is fitted correctly. After that, you are ready to jump! The staticline on your parachute will be connected to the plane, so that the parachute automatically will be deployed. The jump will be from 1000 meters. There is space enough for 4 student, 1 instructor and 1 pilot. Our plane is a Cessna 182 TRG. Once you have exited the plane, it is your time to control the parachute exactly like you have been tought. It takes approximately 5 min from when you exit the plane until you are safely back on the ground again. We will mount a radio on you and an instructor on the ground will help guide your way back to the ground.

The road to a skydiving certificate

Your first solo jump is the first step towards a certificate! To get a certificate you need at least 40 jumps and on these 40 jumps there will be several exercises and tests you need to do, which is designed to teach you even more and to prove to the instructors that you know what you are doing. All theory and renting of equipment is free as long as you are a student. After two jumps you start to practice pulling the parachute yourself! The staticline is till the one deploying the parachute, but you will be practicing by pulling a rip-cord when you exit. After you have done that 3 times correctly, it is time for you to have your very first free fall! First free fall is 5 sec., then 10., then 15 and soon you will be ready to 50-60 seconds freefall from 4000 meters!After this, a whole new world of possibilities and options appear! It will be possible for you to travel around the world with your license and try jumping in different cool locations!


When signing up for a jump at West Jump you will automatically be a member of DFU. Through DFU you will have the mandatory 3rd person insurance which only covers damages on things and other people. It DOES NOT cover damages to yourself! - If you wish more information about you are covered, please get in contact with your insurance company! They will usually have something covering dangerous sports..